Jumping castle for all age children

Kids are so innocent and they do not feel happy in any place but they love to play in the jumping castles. The parents are busy in the parties and events while they can keep their children for entertainment and fun without any fear in the jumping castle.

The jumping castles come in a variety of colors, themes and shapes that are designed for all age groups.  The one thing to busy your kids is the jumping castle. The birthday parties for kids needs good planning to pleasure all children’s and castles plays an important role in it. Safety should be the priority when planning these kinds of things for parties.

A play pen castle mostly uses for 8 year kids with a red, yellow and blue color theme which allows them to jump easily. Designed in a square form and allow 8 kids at a time.


Jumping Castle Hire 12 Years Of Age

Jumping Castle Hire is good for 12 years age group children. It’s applicable for adults to get themselves exercised.

The party castles include the toy story, Shrek, Disney Princess, Batman, Tinker bell Fairy and Dora the Explorer that can allow eight kids at a time of 8 years of age.

Large party castle

And a large party castle can carry the same age group of 12 years old kids, having ten kids at a time in it for fun for a long time.

Novelty Inflatable’s

Novelty Inflatable’s have a theme of Super Slide, Stick up wall and a Gorriligan’s Island worm that are designed for 12 years of age groups.

Jump’n Slide Castle

The Jump’n Slide Castle is for 12 years of age kids. It consist of a slide that can allow eight kids at a time. The themes include King’s Castel Jump’n slide, CARS and Scooby Do Jump’n Slide.

The Combo Castel

The Combo Castel includes the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean Combo Castle and the Mickey Mouse Combo Castel that takes eight kids at a time and suits to 12 years of age groups.


Adult And Kids Castles

Roman Gladiator Dual Adult Jumping Castel Sydney

It’s a jumping castle for parties at home or with friends. This castle gives a great time and you can use it up to 7 hours. It comes with Jousting Poles and Helmets especially made for adult groups up to 12 years.

Dragon Fly Adult Castle

A Dragon Fly home is designed with a slide a basketball hoop with the jumping area and the obstacles in it. Which will give fun an excitement  for adults.

Kids Fun Land

For little kids covering 8 years of age a fun land is specially designed that allows 10 kids at a time. With a mixture of color theme.

The same fun land with some hurdles in it designed for 12 years of kids with different coolers theme of nice colors like a playground but just for adults.

Club Princess Castle

A specially made jumping castle for little princess. It’s a great opportunity for teenage parties of eighteen and twenty one years old age groups. It is designed with specially pinkish and purple color with Disney princess images. The jumping castle is suitable to all age groups.


Wizard- Bounce and Slide Combo- Adult Jumping Castles

A huge jumping castle with a large slide for all youngsters and kinds to have a great fun. With a sliding down kids may fun, laugh and enjoy more.

Scooby Doo-Adult Jumping Castle

A most favorite castle of children’s and adult age group is a Scooby Doo jumping castle. It’s a fully covered from three sides.

Bouncing Boxing Ring

A bouncing box ring for adults to have a fun to enjoy with the family. Boxing in is not harmful all the people will enjoy. There will be space between the knockout punch. It is equipped with a large size boxing helmet and gloves.

Car 5 in 1 Combo

It’s a perfect castle for adults and teenagers parties. It consists of a jumping area, a slide, and a climbing area. It’s an ideal jumping castle for a large crowd of kids and adults, but it doesn’t suits to the kids under 3 year age. Advise to carry slopes.


All Age Group Castles

Boys Castel

The color and themes are made for all age group boys for a perfect day. The colors are mostly blue, c-green and red, etc according to the theme.

Girls Castel

The Girls castle is mostly pink, yellow and purple combination that suits to all age groups and designed according to the theme.

Single Water Slide

This castle is designed with a water slide in it and specially made for summers to busy the kids all the day and is suits for all age groups.

3 in 1 Castel

The 3 in 1 castle is made with a jumping bar, slide and a ball pound keep the kids busy all the day.

There is no better way to get your kids happier than a jamming castle fun!


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